The stage of the soul

Project inspired in the myth of Butades of Sicyon, who was a legendary artist from ancient Greece. Pliny the Elder refers to this myth in The Natural History, XXXV: 43, as the origin of painting, which he connects with shade.

“(…) but it will be only proper to append some accounts of the plastic art. Butades, a potter of Sicyon, was the first who invented, at Corinth, the art of modelling portraits in the earth (…) It was through his daughter that he made the discovery; who, being deeply in love with a young man about to depart on a long journey, traced the profile of his face, as thrown upon the wall by the light of the lamp”.

The myth of Butades is born of separation and fear of oblivion. Holding back the time that slips away might have been the original impulse of drawing. This gives us the possibility of keeping the memory of whom, at one time or another will disappear.

Nowadays we have means to immortalise moments, such as photography, but is there something nicer than keeping the shade or the soul of a moment or the absence of a body but with the presence of its projection? And what better than turning these into jewels to enjoy and feel them close to you.

Shade is intangible, such as memories. With light, also intangible, you activate memories, making present what is absent, making you look back.


Material > Porcelain, oxidized silver and stainless steel

Year > 2015

Typology > Brooch